Poached Interbike: Randomness & Shiny Objects

Here I am again, sitting in front of  a computer wishing I was at Interbike while everyone at Interbike was wishing they weren’t there. If I had $10 for every time bike people whined about hanging out with other bike people while looking at cool bike stuff, I’d already have air fare, hotel room, and credit at the tables.

Okay, I digress. I need to finish this before Cross Vegas starts. Which, coincidentally, is the only time bike people aren’t whining about being at Interbike.

Bring on the Randomness!!

Señor @Supcat gets things started with this offering from Lazer Helmets. ‘DAT ORANGE!!

Cycleboredom | Poached Interbike: Randomness & Shiny Objects - Lazer Helium Blazing Orange
Source: Twitter

@Supcat shares my revulsion/admiration for Look keeping it fuggin’ Euro. This new French stem steez makes me want to vomit baguettes and unpasteurized brie. Don’t get me wrong though. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Cycleboredom | Look 986
Source: Flickr

Laatste one from @Supcat. This Shimano Alfine Di2 hood done gave me the vapors. Very noice.

Cycleboredom | Shimano Alfine Di2
Source: Flickr

@FlyingPigeonLA spotted these awesome @LinusBike kids bikes. Highly civilized for the young’uns.

Source: Instagram

@CompCyclist found this eye-searing neon offering from @MadFiber and @WilierUSA. Matchy-matchy!

Cycleboredom | Mad Fiber Insanity
Source: Twitter

Cervélo makes the sexy with the aesthetically revamped S5. Didn’t like the first version of the bike, but this thing here is dope. Spotted by DC’s @DHBikeShopDC.

Cycleboredom | More Better S5
Source: Twitter

Featured shot (top): @Scodo


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