If you can’t tell, I put a reasonable amount of effort into maintaining this site including upwards of 47 social media presences. So it’s pretty sweet when someone recognizes my efforts asking if I’d want to do something for them based on the merits of my hard work. Recently, that someone was Bicycling Magazine.

It was an interesting process. At first I mistakenly wrote with a word-count in mind, which I found out is virtually impossible. Making things worse is I had to surgically remove my sweet dulcet tone of snaark writing style in order to fit within Bicycling’s universally accessible style (snaarkectomy). I’m amazed I got anything written at all. Finally, I heaped the crushing pressure of attempting to represent ALL of #BikeDC within the constraints of this two page piece.

What you see is a coalescence of my attempt at writing for Bicycling Magazine, and the smoothed-out style of a veteran editor. There are a few things missing I wish were still there, but overall the article reads very well. More importantly, it paints a fantastic picture of riding a bike in #BikeDC. Lastly, a huge thanks to Bicycling for the opportunity. The feeling of walking into Barnes & Noble to see if the magazine you wrote an article for is on the newsstand is undeniably a memorable one.

Hope you enjoy it.

And no, it’s not on the web.

Published in Bicycling Magazine! (No, Really!)

  • As much as I dislike print as a medium, it is a pretty damn cool feeling. Looks like they gave you some space, too.

    • Cycleboredom

      It continues on the next page as well. I agree, it’s a pretty damn cool feeling.

  • Ginger Huller

    I am thrilled for you.

    • Cycleboredom

      Thanks, Ma!

  • Adam

    buy all the copiez!!!