Released: Giro Aspect Helmet

Have to say I like what I see here. Visually, the Giro Aspect design is a decent hybrid between full race and the skate helmet with holes. Giro obviously put a lot of thought into the final product as evidenced in the video.

However, I feel the $175(USD) price tag will keep it well out of reach of many considering a well-ventilated, non-pro-racer styled helmet. Then again, this is targeted towards the New Road or Vulpine styled rider—the discerning enthusiast with a head for the sartorial.

I’ll be able to get a closer look at it at Interbike and hopefully get my hands on one. Video is below.

Released: Giro Aspect Helmet
What’s old is nieuw again, but with like totally better tech.

Released: Giro Aspect Helmet
This is where you insert the Arc reactor.


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