Released: Rapha + Apidura Packs

This is relevant to my current interests. Currently testing an Apidura Compact Saddle Pack and it rocks. I also happen to enjoy the Rapha. Put them together and you get the fire. This is, essentially, the Reese’s Cups of bikepacking. Maybe.

Rapha + Apidura Saddle Pack

The Rapha + Apidura Saddle Pack ($160USD) builds on the solid Apidura pack design then giving it a Rapha Brevet line steezover. This pack can carry a ton of things—it’s how I’ve been lugging all my camera equipment around these past months.

Released: Rapha + Apidura Packs

Rapha + Apidura Bar Pack

The Rapha + Apidura Bar Pack ($130USD) follows suit with the form, function, and steezover of its rear mounted brethren.

Released: Rapha + Apidura Packs Released: Rapha + Apidura Packs


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