Released: Renovo John Day Gravel Bike

Sometimes you need something that’s completely off the beaten path. Pretty sure Renovo Hardwood Bicycles has what you’re looking for.

The Renovo John Day Gravel Bike ($4250USD frame/$6150USD+ full build) is “an elegant and simple adventure bike that moves seamlessly from paved to gravel and mixed terrain roads. The John Day’s hollow lightweight frame is engineered to deliver exceptional vibration damping, offering a remarkably smooth ride for comfort on any road.

John Day features include “longbow” seat stays, wide/flat down tube, curved top tube and hollow chainstays which augment the Total Ride Quality of wood, making this a great bike- no matter which terrain you choose. The geometry features a long wheelbase, generous BB drop and a tall headtube to let you enjoy the scenery without veering off into it…until you want to.”

Check out the Renovo John Day Gravel Bike.


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