Released: Search & Sachs – A Collaborative Tribute

When Search & State, Richard Sachs, and House Industries collaborate, you know something MINIMAL will happen.

OMFG. This is pure minimalist design/type/kit porn. This rubs me right in so many ways I’m about to stamp this whole thing NSFW. I’m an unabashed fan of all three so I’m kinda geeking out right nao.

Search & Sachs S1-A Riding Jersey ($165USD).
Search & Sachs T-1 Black ($30USD)
Search & Sachs T-1 Ice Grey ($30USD)

Everything’s on House Industries’ site as well, if you’re also looking to throw some sexytime fonts into your cart.


Taking on our first collaboration was a significant step and one we agonized over.  While getting there was difficult, our approach was simple: step back and look at the entire cycling landscape for an entity that we feel exhibits many of the traits that we love as designers and manufacturers.

One name rose to the top, and that was Richard Sachs.  Richard Sachs is a brand we had been aware of for 20 years and always appreciated his work. Richard Sachs is a brand that has a true and honest voice, a point of view, an aesthetic, and he also happens to be a real person with a real reason to exist.

We realized we shared a similar approach to design when all was said and done. And so…a tribute was in order. We decided that if, when we met Richard in person, he matched the image and the legend, we would do something. And, so we went. We met. It matched. We’re in. That brings us to today, the launch of a product with another logo along side of ours, another name beside ours. A name and logo we always admired.

We’re proud to present a collection in collaboration with Richard Sachs and his creative partner, House Industries.

The collection¬†consists of one S1-A Riding Jersey, and two original graphic t-shirts with custom labels, designed in collaboration with House Industries and set in House’s own Neutraface.
The Collection is available exclusively at House Industries 
Each garment is accented with a label containing the following quote from Richard Sachs that speaks to what we admire so much about who Richard is, what he does and how he works:
“The¬†story is about my time at the bench. It’s about my sport, my work and my play. I’ve told it as I lived it.
It begins and ends with this: if you want something to happen, see it done.”


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