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Released: Service Course Wash Kits

I like bike stuff. I also like buckets, especially those with stuff in them. When that stuff is inside is voor bikes I get de wonderful delight.

So what the hell am I rambling on about? Well, Señor Ryan “Service Course” Newill (@SC_Cycling) has created the wonderful delight in the form of the Service Course Wash Kits. These wonder graafbakken voor veldrijden (wonder buckets for cyclocross) will aid you or your mechanic (who doesn’t have one these days, amirite?) in the time-honored tradition of cleaning shit off CX bikes apres race.

Ryan has meticulously selected the brushes, towel and bucket based “with an emphasis on the components that work best for the task at hand.” He gives the lowdown on each of the items included in the kit on his site. The kits retail voor $55USD. If you’re a MABRA local you can grab one from Ryan at the races. Email him if you’re out of state and want to get in on de wonderful delight.

Visit The Service Course voor all the details.

Released: Service Course Wash Kits


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