Released: Silca Tubeless Valve Kits

I may not have jumped into the world of tubeless myself, but I can certainly appreciate when someone looks to engineer and refine an already existing product to make it the best it can be. That’s pretty much what Silca has been doing these past few years since its reboot.

Silca, have adopted tubeless technology themselves, “However, we’ve also found ourselves frustrated with overly stiff tapes, weak adhesion to carbon rim surfaces, heavy brass valve stems that imbalance wheels, and worst of all, overly lightweight aluminum ones that are easily broken.  While seeking a solution for all of this, the team at SILCA has completely re-thought tubeless as a system with a primary focus on optimizing components for carbon wheels.”

The Silca Tubeless Valve Kits consist of 4 products:

Silca Tubeless Valve Kit w/ Speed Shield (44mm: $25USD / 60mm: $28USD / 80mm: $30USD / 100mm: $34USD). “Developed after years of struggling with heavy brass valve stems or fragile uber-lightweight aluminum stems, Silca Tubeless Valve Stems were engineered to present a perfectly optimized solution. Extracted from the finest cold drawn aluminum bar (rather than hollow extrusion), the Silca Tubeless Valve Stem design yields a refined stem weighing less than half of the brass valve stems, yet remain 50-200% stronger in comparison to common lightweight aluminum valve stems. The Speed Shield prevents carbon rims from being scratched or damaged by the valve nut and are optimized with spherical interface to the stem nut to eliminate bending forces which can lead to poor sealing or worse, valve stem failures.”

40mm Threaded Valve Extender With Speedshield ($26USD) are “fully threaded valve extenders that work with BOTH tubeless AND standard removable valve core valve stems.  Included SpeedShield Rim protectors protect rims from valve nut damage, eliminate valve stem rattle and improve aerodynamics.”

Silca Replacement Presta Valve Core 4x ($6USD) “It’s the little things that make a big difference, the highest quality valve cores are a replacement piece for presta valve stems which use removable cores or an upgrade your existing valve cores in tubular, tubeless and high end clincher inner tubes. These valve have tight tolerances which allow an increase airflow when you’re pumping up and helps keep out contaminates when sealed. Probably the best 6 bucks you’ll spend all year.”

Released: Silca Tubeless Valve Kits

Silca Platinum Tubeless Rim Tape (21mm $16USD / 25mm $18USD) “SILCA Platinum Rim Tape is the finest Tubeless Conversion (or traditional rim tape replacement) tape on the market featuring a special Adhesive optimized for Carbon and Rough surfaces, resulting in improved sealing on both Aluminum AND Carbon Rims.”Released: Silca Tubeless Valve Kits


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