Released: TrainerRoad for Android

Personally, I’ve been using TrainerRoad for the past year on iOS and loving it. So, I guess it’s fair if Android users are finally granted access to the training software. Now that TrainerRoad is available for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android devices, it’s the widest available training app. At Interbike, I recently spoke to Jonathan Lee (@leejonathan_) of TrainerRoad and got the full rundown on the launch and checked out the demo.


TrainerRoad for Android Beta Features

Android beta supports the most popular flagship Android devices running Android 5 Lollipop and higher. As a beta release, TrainerRoad for Android currently supports the following features:

• Complete power-based workouts from your Android device.
• Train without a power meter with VirtualPower®.
• Control your smart trainer with PowerMatch.
• Connect training devices via Bluetooth Smart, ANT+ and ANT+ FE-C.

TrainerRoad for Android Beta Upcoming Features

The official Android app will fully support all of TrainerRoad’s core training features.

• Find and follow training plans from your Android device. n Filter workouts by power zone, duration and intensity.
• Filter workouts by power zone, duration and intensity.
• Visualize your training progress and more.

Released: TrainerRoad for Android

Visit for more details.


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