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Released: Van Dessel ADD and WTF Ride Everything Bikes

Van Dessel Cycles Releases the ADD and Updates the WTF Ride Everything Bikes

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Van Dessel Cycles. I recently made the claim the Full Tilt Boogie carbon cyclocross bike I’ve been riding for the past year is the best bike I’ve ridden. Along with the Aloominator and previous iterations of the FTB, Van Dessel is an extremely familiar face at every CX race (here in the Mid-Atlantic).

At First I Was All WTF?!

But Van Dessel isn’t just known for their CX bikes. In fact, I first learned of the brand when monster of a machine rolled into my shop, years ago, named Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. This was AGES before there was gravel specific or anything resembling the like. I uttered out loud, like just about anyone else mired deep in the rules-bound world of road cycling, “WHAT THE FUCK?!” Because that’s what you were supposed to say when you saw this thing.


Flash forward 10 years and here I am posting about the anniversary edition of Van Dessel’s WTF. Alright, 10 1/2 years since Edwin must be posting to IG when I’m asleep and I simply didn’t see the new colors. So, here I am ripping info from CX Magazine’s post in order to shine some additional light on the latest edition as well as their newest addition to the line.


This thing looks HAWT. And the name is perfect for me, because deficient in attention!! The ADD can handle both 650b and 700c wheels which is so hot right now. You can race CX on it, ride gravel, shred fire roads, and hell, you can even ride on actual roads. Literally ride everything.


4 Bikes, One Frame—Van Dessel ADD

For more details, visit CX Magazine’s post on this release as they posted this days ago. As soon as any additional information is released I’ll let y’all know.


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