Released: Vulpine Autumn/Winter 2016 – #1 Indian Summer

Currently mired in the sweaty depths of an impressive heat wave, I figured now is as good a time to post about products designed to keep you warm. The mere thought of putting on and zipping up anything other than my own birthday suit makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Regardless, the mercury will soon retreat from the upper limit of the thermometer, reaching a sensible cyclocross conducive temperature. That also means press releases for fall/winter clothing!!

Vulpine Autumn/Winter 2016 – #1 Indian Summer

Urban cycling garment steezologists, Vulpine, are doing something rather clever this season. They’re releasing their collection in order of the temperature/environment progression towards winter. Kicking things off is #1 – Indian Summer: Late Summer warmth stretches into cool Autumn riding, with cold starts and changeable conditions. These garments are lightweight, multi-purpose and comfortable, with classic British style and tailoring.”

There’s obviously so much more. I’m also digging their “Made In Britain” line. Check out the loveliness in the Autumn/Winter Lookbook or just visit


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