Released: Vulpine Merino Socks

Yeah, slightly late but what else would you expect from me? Vulpine continues its relentless assault upon the hapless lycra-louts with yet another stylish piece voor *BOTH* ride and destination. Although, I’m guessing you can use these sweet Merino Mid Socks ($27USD/£17GBP) whilst wearing said lycra. 70% merino keeps things warm and not stinky with the 30% poly assuring they’ll stretch over your disturbingly grotesque feet.

Released: Vulpine Merino Socks - Merino Mid Socks

They also offer an exceedingly long version as well, cleverly monikered, Merino Long Socks ($32USD/£20GBP). Warning voor any Statesiders wearing these calf covers: there’s a distinct side affect of drinking copious “cuppas” and using the term, “naff” when describing everyone else’s hosiery.

Check ’em out on Vulpine (@vulpinecc).


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