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Remember To Look *AT* Where You’re Going


Whatevs, hippy.

I started out writing some touchy-feely, hippy schmaltz that really just complicated a dead-simple point – pay attention to your surroundings; the earth looks real good. I love where I ride. The DC/Metro area is beautiful. Sure, your local route may have mountains, or wide open country where there aren’t cars for hours but I think it’s important for people to truly appreciate what they have, regardless of where they are.

Cycleboredom - No Swimming

Ride freely on your lightest days

I bring a camera with me everywhere. The moment I don’t, inevitably I see something worth flogging myself for not having it with me. If you don’t want to have a camera with you on every ride just bring it on your recovery days. My portable camera has gotten a little heavier than it used to be so I only take it with me on my light rides. Obviously the reason why light/recovery days are good is that your already going slow, so stopping and starting isn’t going to be a huge deal. When I’m hammering it’s mentally impossible for me to compose a shot immediately after stopping. If something truly snapworthy pops up on a normal ride that’s the luck of the draw. Either that or I use the camera on the phone.

Graham baby, make sure to get my sponsors

If take your recovery ride so seriously that you can’t break your cadence or fluctuate your HRM average, then this post isn’t for you, yet you probably have Graham Watson following you in the support car chronicling your every move. Just tell Graham to take a shot of the pretty trees.

Anyway, just pay attention to your surroundings for a least one ride out of your training week. You’ll love what you see. Maybe. Hell, I don’t care. Do you you want.

Cycleboredom - Reagan National under siege


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