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The Ride: C&O Canal 12/14/15

After checking my Strava voor evidence, I was blown away in the realization that my last ride of *any* actual distance was half a year ago in June. And, of course, it was this exact same ride. Everything after that was dedicated to hour-long pain sessions to get read voor CX season.


I love the solitude of the C&O Canal midday during the week—virtually no one’s out there as opposed to the weekend or rush hour. It can get monotonous, but the constant vigilance needed to navigate the rocks, potholes, mudbogs, and the occasional massive drop off into the canal or river from erosion keeps you on your toes. Also, it’s freaking gorgeous out there so there’s always something different to see. During the summer you get the distinct feeling of #wayoutthere isolation because of the canopy overhang. During the winter the isolation is reduced because of the loss of the leaves, exposing the multi-million dollar compounds lining the canal and river, but you definitely still feel as though you’ve left the city far behind.


Bike: Cannondale SuperX
Tires: Panaracer Comet Hard Pack (700×38)
Tubes: Specialized Butyl
Pressure: 24 Front/27 Rear (Started out 27/31)


Weather: 65ºF/Overcast/16mph, South ↑
Helmet: Lazer Z1
Glasses: Spy Optic Screw w/ Happy Lens
Jersey: Velocio Apparel RECON Wool Long Sleeve
Bib Shorts: Velocio Apparel Thermal Bib Short
Base Layer: Rapha Merino Mesh Base Layer Short Sleeve
Socks: Swiftwick Performance Seven
Shoes: Giro Empire VR90

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