Salsa Cycles – The Benchmark

Utter insanity. I personally can’t fathom doing this myself. But this type of cycling experience is speaking to me more than pro cycling these days, so I’m living vicariously through these videos and movies like “Inspired To Ride“. Absolutely loved everything about the human connections made in the small villa.

Jay Petervary will be doing the 2016 Trans-Am Bike Race (of Inspired To Ride fame) as well, which coincidentally, is starting this June 4th.

Salsa makes the El Mariachi Jay was riding as well as some other pretty sweet fietsen.

The Benchmark

“In June of 2014, Jay and Tracey Petervary were invited to come to Italy to set a benchmark time for a new bikepacking ultra; the Liguria MTN Divide. The route would follow the course used by the 8-day Alta Via MTB Stage Race. They would, however, attempt to ride the route as quickly as possible in a true unsupported fashion. A challenge had been presented.”


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