Search and State Tres Palms Print Jersey

New print, new jersey, who ‘dis?! Search and State kicks off 2018 with a Signature Print Series release with a nod to warmer temps called Tres Palms ($195USD). It’s rocking some new fabric but still cut in their S2R shape that’s 🔥. Check the info below.

Search and State Tres Palms Print Jersey Search and State Tres Palms Print Jersey

Search and State: “When it’s cold in New York nothing looks better than Palm Trees.  Lots of them.  Today we release our first offering in our 2018 Signature Print Series: We call this one Tres Palms.  And it’s not just a new print this time around.  It’s a whole new jersey.  We’re using a new textured high performance, 4-Way stretch fabric in our S2R silhouette to help this one fit more bodies than anything we’ve made previous without compromising our award-winning look and fit.  It’s a perfect combination no matter how you slice it.  5 pocket innovative construction, durable performance fabric, the best zipper the world has to offer, and of course, all are made in New York City with pride. 2018 is off to a fast start for us and we could not be more excited about this release.”


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