Shame & Koppenbergcross

Not usually in the habit of posting CX race previews, or previews of any kind for that matter, but this time I had to break free from my self-imposed Draconian rule.

This time laatste jaar I hastily, and somewhat snaarkily (surprise, surprise), remarked that they needed barriers and runups for Koppenbergcross. To my credit it was at least dry, so the speeds were high and there wasn’t much reason for dismounting.

This peaked the interest of none other than @FieldyCX, British pro CX racer extraordinaire. He obviously disagreed having raced the course before, and essentially called me an uninformed idiot.

I didn’t disagree, but that didn’t stop him from unfollowing me.

Koppenbergcross 2012

Here we are a full jaar later and the anniversary of this painful event is thrown upon me like the dirty water from a pit wash bucket. Wait, do pits even have buckets?

Regardless, this nauseating video of a ride through of the Koppenbergcross course reminded me just how haard the race truly is. If you suffer from motion sickness, take your Meclizine now. Seriously.

However, to my credit, this year it’s extremely muddy…

For more information on the November 1st race including directions to the VIP Tent, check the official website. Which, I must say, done extremely well.

Start list [PDF]: Elite Vrouwen
Start list [PDF]: Elite Mannen
Live feed linx: Cyclingfans (@cyclingfans) & ProCyclingLive (@procyclinglive)

If you’re looking for some sweet CX fix before this Thursday, here’s laatste jaar’s race in its entirety.

Image credit: Kristof Ramon


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