Most of you know I’m not a fan of regurgitating press-releases but every once in awhile, something interesting is sent through Boredom’s backdoor that has to see the light of day. This is one of them. Wait, have I written this disclaimer before?

ATTENTION: ARE YOU L33T FI3TS HAXXOR?! Then check out/enter Snapguide’s Bike Hack Contest!!

Snapguide, a community of makers who create how-to guides on things from food to tech to bikes, is launched a Bike Hack contest on Wednesday May 7th in time for Bike to Work Day. People who enter the best how-to guides on bike hacks (like how to add steering wheels for handle bars, wacky tires, cool bike storage you’ve built, or how to fix a chain on the go) can win over $925 in prizes from Portland, Oregon-based bike accessory companies PDW and Walnut StudioloHead to their site to learn more and enter. Contest ends Wednesday June 4th.”