Team ZWATT Power Meters Are Shipping

Team ZWATT has an extremely unique and modern take on how to deliver power meters to the public for less than virtually everyone else. I’m still wrapping my head around it, but if you’re looking for a power meter for training this looks like a seriously viable option. Check out all the details below in the release:

Team ZWATT Power Meters Are Shipping

Team ZWATT begins shipping first power meters after successful crowdfunding campaigns

Team ZWATT has begun delivering their power meters to backers of their successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The startup, created by SENSITIVUS Gauge, that has set the goal of manufacturing the most accessible and competitively priced power meters on the market and at the same time providing good accuracy to assure a superior product. Team ZWATT’s maintenance fee model ensures full support for the user and a lot of real world data to further improve the power meters with the world’s largest test team.

Keeping the price of the power meters as low as possible is one of the company’s main goals and they do this by outsourcing the production to Asia and testing the final product before delivery in their test facility in Copenhagen. Another reason why they can keep the price low while guaranteeing quality is by cutting out the middleman and directly selling to consumers via Indiegogo or on An option to buy the power meters from Amazon is coming as well.

Over-the-air updates

Team Zwatt power meters, like electric cars, can get over-the-air firmware updates through the Team ZWATT app, NOW available for Android and the iOS app. This allows the power meters to become better and more accurate over time. With the subscription model, all the power meters can be monitored as well. This makes it easy to detect problems and to act on them, allowing to improve your power meter long after it has been installed on your bike.


The first ZPIDERs, the total power measurement option from Team Zwatt, have been delivered to backers last month with the rest following in June and the feedback has been very positive. This batch originally didn’t have a L/R balance, but that was easily fixed with a firmware update. Showing the power of over the air updates. Also, Team Zwatt announces new options on the ZPIDER power meter: a 170mm and 175mm arm. These are available now and will ship soon.


The left-only crank arm power measurement option ZIMANOX is now shipping as well. After an initial problem with the accuracy of the power meter in real-world circumstances, discovered around the beginning of May in their testing facility in Latvia, additional testing and development was needed to provide users with the most accurate product. A new calibration tool and a new algorithm were developed by the end of the month, making sure the product was as good as possible.

About Team ZWATT

Team ZWATT is run by SENSITIVUS gauge – a Copenhagen-based Danish start-up developing advanced electronics for other bike brands in the form of OEM products. Team ZWATT is their move into making private label products. The first products include power meter sensors for crank based power meters.

Both power meters are now available in the Team Zwatt Shop: The ZPIDER for €499,- and the ZIMANOX for €339,-. Both come with a 24-month maintenance fee of €4,46 per month when sharing your data or €8,92 per month if you decide not to share your data.

Team ZWATT Power Meters Are Shipping


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