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The 2010 Year End Bories! Boreys? Boredoms?

I don’t have the energy to spend deciding what blogs, sites, bikes, races, etc., are my favorites in a descending numerical order. And from the sound of it, those lists are driving you crazy. But I do want to promote those I think that’ve captured my attention, for whatever the reason. I may try to categorize them, but don’t count on it.

Note: These are not in order. These are not all the sites I visit. If you have favorites that you think would be a good read, I’d love to hear it. Although if you frame that suggestion within the context that my list is complete **** because I must be out of my mind forgetting to add ________, then enjoy being a troll.

PRO Websites, Blogs, and the Like

Velominati: One, no two words—The Rules. The “Keepers of the Cog” keep we adherents to the pro-life in line, or more adherenter.

Elcyclista: I discovered Connor Brady’s site through Flickr. His shots spoke volumes, so I had to see where they lead.

Cycling Tips: Another site that photography turned me onto. Big, beautiful shots.

VeloDramatic: I’m a little late to the party, as this site clearly isn’t the only thing on his plate! Been combing through his archive of posts. You should too.

CycleEXIF: A pattern is developing. Bike porn—nothing more, nothing less. And who doesn’t like a little pr0n?

BikeCrave: Jeff’s posts and Twitter feed shots are always full of the inspiration that drives us all to ride.

Ciclirati: Discovered his site through Twitter. Jeff’s (yeah, another) commentary is insightful and sharp.

Cyclocosm: Speaking of insightful and sharp, Cosmo generally hits pelotonal home runs. “How The Race Was Won” videos are fantastic if the UCI/ASO don’t pull a yank move.

It’s Time for the Advocators

Cycleboredom | It's Time for the Advocators

BikeArlington: My local crew puttin’ in work, gettin’ it done. Arlington has a phenomenal bike infrastructure/culture due in large to BA, and it’s just getting started.

WashCycle: If it involves bikes in the DC Metro area, then the WashCycle has its teeth in it.

Copenhagenize: I may not agree completely on the helmet debate with Mikael, but I do agree with where Copenhagen is cycling-wise. And he documents it well. Creator of the term, “Cycle Chic.” And he guards it well.

Amsterdamize: Another helmet debater and “cycling integrated into everyday life” advocator/documenter. Just in Amsterdam.

EcoVelo: Just started visiting this site lately, and haven’t been disappointed yet. Great overall feel to the site. Fits its mission.

Bike Shop Girl: Arleigh’s getting back on her feet pedals after a wicked accident. BSG focuses on “helping women find their way in cycling”, but it’s written for anyone who wants to learn. Stop by and leave some words of encouragement!

Commute by Bike: Always helpful articles on getting there by bike.

Utility Cycling: Always helpful articles on getting it done by bike. See what I did there?

Flickrs, Tumblrs, and Miscellanea

Rapha: I read it for the articles! In addition to their addictive clothing, I’m addicted to their overall brand and aesthetic. This includes their photo/video coverage of Continental rides and any of their promoted rides. The images are fantastic and moving. Moving enough to get me out and ride. Especially in their clothes. Effective.

Stefan Rohner’s Flickr: Stefan is the reason I take so many gratuitous cycling portraits of myself. Pandas, epic mountain scenes, bike porn, and other fantastic shots fill his stream.

Kristof Ramon’s Flickr: Kristof takes uniquely phenomenal shots of pro cycling. He’s got his flash setup down to a science. Have to check these out.

TwoToneATL’s Flickr: A CRAPLOAD of bike shots. Track, tarck, road, and general life is covered. Some of my favorite are those with his son, Otto. Makes me realize I have to get off my ass and do more cycling with my daughter.

The Belle Velo’s Tumblr: Always a thoughtful reblog. Adds to/starts the conversation on choice image posts.

Jdub890’s Tumblr: Lots of bikes, all the time. No, seriously—LOTS of bikes.

Heidi Swift’s Tumblr: I have an unreasonable crush on Heidi. It’s from this Tumblr, so be careful.

Final Thoughts

What are some of your favorites? How do they contribute/enhance your cycling world?


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