The Book of Cross // Chapter 3

Jeremy Powers The Book of Cross // Chapter 3: Asheville + Zolder

This one’s a roller coaster ride of feels. From the high of the National Championships, to missing a pedal at Zolder, with the sheer intensity of Belgian CX vibes and camaraderie of Team USA as the creamy filling, this chapter’s got it all.

While the result of Zolder wasn’t what he or his fans were hoping for, watching this shed light on what Jeremy Powers means to cyclocross and why this ultimately is a victory. The video itself is the key this. Jeremy could’ve just conveyed his dismay at his performance to friends and family, and to a few reporters interviewing him post-race. However, he allows us to see him immediately after finishing, the expression of disappointment radiating silently from his face as he stares off in space, sorting through the cacophony of post defeat thoughts. Then rallying after spotting fans, making time to talk with them before retreating to the van to clean up. And finally, speaking to the camera recapping his race, his season, and what he expected from himself, Powers transcends into the ultimate ambassador of cyclocross, cycling, and US sport on the whole. The J-Pows persona is him as a star, but he’s become a star because he’s accessible on so many levels.

Lastly, I have to mention how much I’ve enjoyed Motofish’s work on these videos. They’re absolutely stunning. Although, the work is a stark reminder of how much I have to learn about producing videos.

Official Release:

The third and final chapter of Jeremy Powers’ series, The Book of Cross debuts today. Chapter 3 follows Powers from the US National Championships in Asheville, NC to the World Championships in Zolder, Belgium. While viewers will see Powers win his 4th National title the episode quickly veers to Europe as Jeremy gets ready to race Worlds. As we all know Powers’ 33rd place at Worlds was not what he hoped and the series gives the viewer some insights into what went wrong.

According to Powers, “My season is officially over & I wanted more from worlds, as I say in the video, it didn’t happen how I would have liked it too, but I do pat myself on the back every once in a while to say ‘good job’ and let’s move on, of course with proper reflection. But I’m a very open and honest person and I think this chapter will let the viewers see that I have my days too and sometimes I come up short on my ambitions.”.

The result and tenor of being Europe is in stark contrast to Nationals where Jeremy rode a flawless race and survived both a charging Stephen Hyde and Logan Owen. Powers admits the national titles don’t get any easier and says, “My 4th national title was special, the atmosphere was electric in Asheville”. “To be able to translate that moment through this video and in my words, to see it in this way and to reflect on that day and share it with the world is something that I am very grateful to have the opportunity to do”

The Book of Cross is produced, directed and shot by Motofish Images out of Seattle, WA. The concept is to give viewers an honest look into the life of Jeremy Powers. Chris Cumming, along with Greg Sweney, who are the owners of Motofish Images says. “Of course we would’ve loved to have Jeremy finish in the top 10 at Worlds and have the ride of his life but its racing and things don’t always turn out the way you plan them. One of the fantastic things about working wth Jeremy is that he is so honest and is willing to let his fans see him struggle. On a certain level that makes Jeremy even more relatable as we all have days like that.”.

What we don’t hear in the final chapter from Jeremy and affords some insight into what next season may hold is Powers’ quote that, “I believe in myself and what I can do on the bike, for all the things I do around the sport, it’s important that I say it – I really care about my results, it’s very important to me. The impact I can have beyond results is also really important to me, but that happens no matter what I’m doing, because that’s my personality, I have that in me each day when I wake up. I want to give, it’s what makes me smile.”.

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