The CXOff: Meanwhile, At District Cycle Works – A Photoset Of The Van Dessel #FTB

District Cycle Works: #BikeDC’s Service Course

I figured while I’m paralyzed from an overwhelming amount of media religiously (bordering on zealot status) compiled from the Super 8 cyclocross season, that I’d poach someone else’s content and post *that*. Donut worry, I got the permissions to post said poached content. And besides, it’s my CX fiets that’s the subject of said content.

However, let’s not lose focus from the overarching reason voor this content to exist: my exceptional service course throughout #TheCXOff season, District Cycle Works. My meetings with Matthew Moore, owner of DCW (@districtcycleworks), produced a good bit of the said paralyzing media (getting tired of the word “said” yet?) I mentioned above. I wanted to point the spotlight on his service-focused cycling studio and tireless work at getting my Van Dessel Full Tilt Boogie ready to race each week. More importantly, it’s the same work he can do for your sweet fiets. Be it your race bike or daily driver Matt can handle all your service needs.


All of these spectacular images are taken by #BikeDC local, Robert Lee, AKA: @shutter4panda. Check out the rest of the #FTB shots as well as some of the other fiets he’s shot that Matt has built/serviced.

cxoff-district-cycle-works-ftb-full cxoff-district-cycle-works-ftb-closer cxoff-district-cycle-works-ftb-shifter cxoff-district-cycle-works-ftb-casette cxoff-district-cycle-works-ftb-crank cxoff-district-cycle-works-ftb-clement


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