The CXOff: Sponsor Spotlight on District Cycle Works – Mid Season Checkup

I’m sitting on a ton of useable content from this past CX season that I’m finally starting to work through. I’ve been meaning to get this piece I did on Matt of District Cycle Works posted for a while now. Recorded while dropping my Van Dessel Full Tilt Boogie in for its weekly post race service, I wanted to highlight what goes into maintaining my sweet race macheen, but also to do it from the view of what Matt does for every service customer he checks in.

Mid Season Checkup with Matt of District Cycle Works

Technically, for most shops, this is nothing new. When you check in a bike for service, you go over it, most times, with the customer there providing feedback on what you see needs work. I’ve watched/listened to Matt do this numerous times at his shop, but it struck me how different it was with him. With Matt, it’s more of a conversation. He gets to know you, how you ride, and generally what makes you and your bike tick. Rather than talking at the customer, which is a typical shop behavior (not all), his approach seems to make you feel less defensive and less a target for being taken advantage of.

Get Your Bike Serviced By District Cycle Works

Because of the personalized nature of the services provided, DCW doesn’t hold regular hours. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for the myriad of services offered, contact Matt here.

What is District Cycle Works?

We are a service-focused cycling studio.  Our services cover all aspects of the cycling experience, including consultations on bicycle purchases, bicycle fitting, and ongoing maintenance.  We operate on an appointment basis, in order to provide the most flexibility for customers and to allow for us to focus fully on each bicycle and rider.

:  @districtcycleworks


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