The Paul Kimmage Defense Fund

The UCI sucks. You know this.

However, if this hasn’t been hammered home for you in one way or another over the past decade, they’ve taken it to new heights. The governing body of cycling is suing cycling journalist Paul Kimmage for defamation re: his accusation that they covered up a positive test provided by Lance Armstrong (see Velonation story). If this sounds familiar, it should. Tyler Hamilton recently leveled the same accusation in his book, The Secret Race. Are the UCI now suing Tyler for the same reason? No. They’re attacking a journalist in an attempt to force him to recant his statement as well as sending a message to those who dare to speak/write negatively about them in the future.

So yeah, the UCI sucks. Some friends have set up a Chipin for Kimmage’s defense fund below.

The UCI can never, never, never win this case.

Links & Coverage

Chipin: NYVelocity and Cyclismas
Velonation: UCI court action sees Kimmage summoned to appear before Swiss court in December
BikeBiz: Lawsuit against journalist turns into referendum on UCI
Cycling Tips: Paul Kimmage Defense Fund


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