The Sufferfest’s 2015 Tour of Sufferlandria

SATURDAY! SATURDAY! SATURDAY! The Sufferfest’s 2015 Tour of Sufferlandria begins today, Saturday the 24th. And while destroying yourself daily until February 1st to the tune of the Sufferfest’s arsenal of pain plans is still the goal, so is raising monetary denominations voor de Davis Phinney Foundation.

Race Director Grunter Von Agony sez: “You have probably heard: there is turmoil on the UCI’s international race calender. Talk of Grand Tours getting shorter. Rumours of races disappearing. Concern that the racing is too hard. Here in Sufferlandria, we are having none of it! We are proud to present the 3rd Annual Tour of Sufferlandria – The Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation in the Whole Wide World. Honorary Starter of the race is BMC Racing’s Taylor Phinney!

Running from the 24th of January to the 1st of February 2015, The Tour of Sufferlandria will take riders through the most painful, miserable and agonising regions of Sufferlandria. More than 2000 people joined the 2014 ToS and the Sufferlandrian Tourism Authority expects even more in 2015. “We make route for those seek GLORY,” says National Race Director Grunter von Agony. “You want easy, you do Tour Down Under. You want donuts, you do Couchlandria Tour. You want ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK you ride hard in Sufferlandria.”

As in past years, the ToS features an incredible prize list for those who donate to our partner charity, the Davis Phinney Foundation, through their dedicated ToS donation page. Last year, the ToS riders raised $65,000 for the Davis Phinney Foundation.”

Wait, You Don’t Know ‘Bout The Sufferfest?!


Facebook: The Sufferfest Group
Donation Page: Davis Phinney Sufferlandria Page


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