TheCXOff: Cross Vegas 2016

Cracking open the seal on the the Cross Vegas 2016 footage was not unlike opening cheese that’s been sitting in your refrigerator for forever and despite the expiration date being months off, still wondering if it’s still good or not because you forgot about it and how could it still be consumable.

So, I opened and sniffed…

(if you get sick from this, it’s legally not my fault—the expiration proves it)

Cross Vegas Wereldbeker Veldrijden 2016

The folks at Cannondale were gracious enough to invite me as a guest to the first World Cup race of the season. This included a shuttle to AND from the Desert Breeze Complex, including entry and VIP access. And while the VIP treatment was fantastic (delicious tacos), anyone who’s been to Cross Vegas knows getting home is a shitshow. So crucial.

Upon arriving at the venue, we made our way over to Trailer Park Row to hang out with the Cannondale p/b crew. Talked with Stephen Hyde for a few and lurked around shooting Curtis White while they both warmed up. Cannondale had a few SuperXs on hand to ogle, so ogle I did.

Now, as much as I loved the access to the Cannondale team, the rest of the world of cyclocross was right behind me.

So off I wandered.

Footage Disclaimer

This was the first time I shot action stills or video at night on the Sony a6300. I should’ve trusted its ability to handle things on its own. I started playing around with the ISO on the fly ending up forgetting I had changed the settings. Ironically, the shot that initiated said playing ended up not making the video but the subsequent footage did. I’d love to say no pixels were harmed in shooting, but they were exposed to ISO settings too harmful to survive.

Also, I started things off by trying to shoot stills of the women’s race, but that was a total failure. Again, lots to learn.

I kicked it into video mode and the rest is what you see below.


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