Tim Johnson’s Historic Fat Bike Winter Ascent

The act of setting goals and challenging one’s self to achieve said goals is a singularly human process. And it’s one that I relate to when it comes to cycling more than anything else. Racing and everything that goes into trying to be the best is the default, but just one of the myriad of ways people challenge themselves when it comes to bikes. Your own challenge could be commuting in traffic for the first time, clearing a difficult section on a mountain bike, finishing your first century, or for some, it’s simply *learning* to ride a bike. Whatever yours is, just get out there and do it (damn you, Nike…).

Introspection aside, this ride by TJ is pretty epic. The scene at the top looks like something out of “The Day After Tomorrow”—definitely otherworldly. Yet the emotional quotient is undeniable. As Adam Myerson once said, “It’s just stupid Lefty-equipped fatbikes, but it’s everything…”

For more on the story, check out Red Bull’s coverage of the event.


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