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#VlogLife: 7/16/16 – The Ride: Beat The Storm

#VlogLife: 7/16/16 – The Ride: Beat The Storm

Whether it’s a blessing or a curse, I think of everything in categories here on the site. #TheRide was a hashtag I used for images I posted defining the essence of what makes bike riding amazing to me. Then, it sorta transformed into a site category for posts documenting a recent ride highlighting things I saw and the products I rode/tested. #VlogLife was started, because vlog. But, since I’m not posting daily updates on my life and my videos often have different purposes, I have a hard time simply calling them a vlog. Hence, the ridiculous title.

The Ride: Beat The Storm

Was planning on a much longer ride, but the storm started growing in intensity as it got closer. All I could see was riding back in nothing but mud. I’ve done that enough already so I pulled the plug and decided to race the storm home.

Shooting the Van Dessel

I’ve been working on trying to capture the Van Dessel Full Tilt Boogie on video. Turns out it’s harder than it looks—I’ve shot a bunch of footage that I’ve hated. This turned out better than I expected, plus the editing to match the beat of the music turned out pretty sweet. Edwin, the owner of Van Dessel, sent me this unbelievable machine a year ago and it’s been bar none, the best bike I’ve ridden. I wanted to repay his generosity with some decent airtime. It’s getting better and I’m happy with what I posted here, but I know I can do better. More to come.

ATM Handmade Goods

Check out all of ATM Handmade Goods on Andrew’s store site. The selection is always changing and growing. The Top Tube Bag and Camera Sack have been on heavy rotation since he sent me the samples. Especially the Camera Sack—it’s transformed my on-bike workflow when shooting images and video.


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