UCI Cyclocross World Cup #5: Heusden-Zolder

Soul-sucking power course with vicious runups, leg-breaking hills, and white-knuckle bombing runs. Zolder looked greasy enough to make you think the entire course with some of the sloppy to remind you what sport this is.


Katie’s on a f**cking tear. Chasing down the duo of Marianne Vos and Sanne Cant and immediately attacking to let them know who’s boss. Question is, if Katie didn’t fux the start would she have lapped the field or does she need the chase to draw her power from?

Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Marianne Vos and Sanne CantFamiliar scene: Marianne Vos and Sanne Cant ripping off the front.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Katie Compton closing in on Marianne Vos and Sanne CantKatie Compton closing in on Marianne Vos and Sanne Cant


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Katie Compton BombingKatie Compton full-on fuggin’ bombing drops to catch the leaders.




Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Vos Realizes It's Time To GoVos realizes she’s got to go or it’s over.


 Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Vos Clearly StrugglingVos is clearly struggling here.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Compton Absolutely Destroying The FieldKatie absolutely destroying the field.


 Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Katie's Gymnastics Champion SaluteIs it just me, or does Katie’s salute remind you of an Olympic gymnast? Awesomeness.


Elite Mannen

Attacking bro-fest until the very end. Nearly everyone threw their matches into the fire but it stayed together for the final sprint. Turns out Lars van der Haar knew exactly what he was doing. His mini attack before the final dropoffs sealed the deal before VDH sealed the deal at the line. Stybar was ever present at the front proving CX needs an animator like him. Le sigh, Zdeněk, le sigh.

Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Philipp Walsleben Start SmilePhilipp Walsleben got that start smile steez.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Thijs, Just BreatheLook who’s on the front row! Hey Thijs, just breathe.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Niels Albert Gives The Field A HeadstartNiels, after catching the post and going down, is LAATSTE ACHTERVOLGER!


 Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Slo-mo AwesomenessSlo-mo awesomeness.


 Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Jeremy Durrin!Niels slowly making his wa… HEY, THAT’S JEREMY DURRIN!


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Rob Peeters Ballin'Damn, Rob Peeters bombin’ this hill like a bawse.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Stybar Drift SkillzStybar’s got them drift skillz. Pushing the pace with Van der Haar following.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Lars Van der Haar making moves.Lars making moves. Very speed.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Lars Hears Something In The WoodsLars hears something in the woods…


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Bobblehead Niels Sez: NeeBobblehead Niels sez: nee.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Rob Peeters Taking The HighlinePeeter’s turn to burn his matches. RP took the high line almost every time.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Lars Got This Runup On LockYOINK! Love that post grab turn. Lars got this runup on lock.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Go Time Voor Stybar!Go time voor Stybar!


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Niels Sez No MasNiels sez: “No mas!”


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Big Names Are All TogetherBig names are all together.


 Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - LAATSTE RONDE!!LAATSTE RONDE!!


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - VDH Pro Zipper Check1) VDH with the PRO zipper check. 2) Bina serves Stybar some sweet PWNAGE.




Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - Overwinnings Voor Lars van der HaarOverwinnings voor Lars van der Haar.


Weekend CX Ronden: Zolder - PodiumRaise ’em!

  • Mark.

    Katie is doing a gymnast salute for a friend who is recovering from a long term Illness. It makes her friend feel happier.

    • Cycleboredom

      Love it. Thanks for the clarification.

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