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Wicked Fresh Cycleboredom Shirts!

On the backburner for quite awhile, the Cycleboredom shirt bodega finds itself flush with fresh submissions. I’ve been sitting on the first two for a hot minute, but the last 3 just came in bright, burning, flash of inspiration. Some of these may not be around for very long depending on how anal brands are about protecting themselves.

So jump on it. Visit the store now!


Cycleboredom | Asterisk - Mercatone

First up are my highly innovative Asterisk* designs. These joyful logo mods celebrate teams known for participating in illicit blood-altering endeavors. I released the PDM version last year (to little or no fanfare), which sported a heavily modified Cycleboredom logo. These, and the rest to come, only alter and/or add to the existing colorways.

Cycleboredom | Asterisk - Festina

Blockheads (not actual commentary)

Second are the bright, burning, flashes of inspiration. Or something like that. I honestly have no idea what they’re supposed to mean so I guess they should be simply taken at “face” value. Heh, that was pretty good. At first, I was looking for shots to put the logo on to point out the dopers, kinda as a badge of dishonor. Because nothing’s more dishonorable than having my logo placed on your face. Then it turned into epic classic moments in races, but not all the riders shown are dopers, or suspected dopers, or yet to be suspected. But I was feelin’ the block over the face from an aesthetic standpoint, so I kept it. It’s also a good copyright visual identification blocker thingy—not unlike a tinfoil hat.

Cycleboredom | Blockheads - Attack

So after some extensive masking and selecting, I extracted our heroes. Then I gave ’em the ol’ Photoshop posterization filtereffectorator (to further disguise their identities and logos), and put the final product on some shirts.

Cycleboredom | Blockheads - Dirty Grind

As I’ve said about my shirts before (maybe just in my head…), I design what I want to wear. If you like them too, that’s cool. However, if you love them enough to succumb your monetary stockpile to purchase, you have exceptional taste. And by exceptional I mean debatable.

Cycleboredom | Blockheads - Holy Rumbler

Disclaimer: These images are horrific representations of the actual product which I’ve never seen. They’re printed on American Apparel by Spreadshirt and they do a good job. Sadly most of my wardrobe is AA, but not due to owning a multitude of my own work, but because I worked at Apple.


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