WTFKOTW: @crusty_p_o_v & @alyssasevern’s Kits Voor Wilma Sue

WTFKOTW: @crusty_p_o_v & @alyssasevern's Kits Voor Wilma Sue

Get on this!! Kits designed by @crusty_p_o_v and @alyssasevern and Castelli Cycling. Pre-order ends tomorrow (5/8/15) and all proceeds go to the care and vetting of Wilma Sue! You can’t find a better reason to add some kits to your collection than that.

@WTFKits sez: “I like colors, I’m down w/ scorpions, and I dig dogs.”

If you’re not following Crusty and Alyssa then you’re doing Instagram wrong. Also you won’t know about #seriousvizness or their family of pitbulls: Mavis, Hitch, Riggins, and for a limited time, Wilma Sue.

Limited time is limited, so order now. Full details on Castelli’s Team Order site.

Who’s Wilma You Ask?!

Wilma enjoying the warmer spring day A photo posted by crusty_(POV) (@crusty_p_o_v) on


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