WTFKOTW: Ocean Infinite Team Kit

In the world of sweet kits, there’s a special moment when you click a link to a potential kit candidate and the moment you see it you instantly think of pulling all the money out of your wallet and throwing it at the screen in vain attempt to acquire said kit immediately through said screen.

That’s exactly what happened when I spied the Ocean Infinite Team Kit ($125USD/jersey). Crafted in los Estados Unidos by Endo Customs, this jersey pulled itself from the deepest depths, crawling upon this hapless land, ready to lay pelotonal waste to all inferior kits it comes across. Bibs, a gilet, stickers, and a future logo tee are available for acquisition as well.

Preorder is until August 8th, so cast a net over it before it escapes.

WTFKOTW: Ocean Infinite Team Kit


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