2015 Super 8 CX Series: #3 – DCCX Day 2

Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice (Just Near…)

Voor D2 I managed to remember everything nearly everything (post-race recovery drank) needed, but everything needed to race. Again, this will be covered in the next CXOff post, but it’s necessary to note as I shattered myself (as I should) in my race, setting the tone voor de rest of the day.

Bicycling Magazine Instagram Takeover

Such a strange thing to be “in the bubble” of covering a race. I find that I simply can’t post anything while I’m shooting pretty much non-stop action from morning to evening. However, since Bicycling gave me the keys to their IG account, I absolutely HAD to post at least 4 times during the day. After smashing myself in the AM, I had to regroup and figure out what I was going to throw out in front of 112,000+ followers. Not stressful at all. I’ll be covering this in a separate post as well.

My Brain/Body is Fried, But LET’S DO THIS

Already missed at least 1 1/2 races, I jump into my favorite race of the day, the Beginner Women and U19 Girls and #ALLDAJUNIORS. Cheering people going wicked hahd way outside their comfort zone has to be one of my favorite parts of all of this. That’s only rivaled by cheering wicked hahd for the kids going wicked hahd!! Having a daughter who’s getting interested in the sport and seeing the unbelievably strong emotional support for when she’s out there as a junior as well as when she gets older does amazing things for my heart. The shit women face every day of their lives is virtually erased in the race environment and within the CX community in general. It should be noted that DCCX provides equal payout to both the men’s and women’s fields.

The @BikeReg Super 8 CX Series: #3 DCCX Day 2 Photo Extravaganza

dccx-d2-2015-1 dccx-d2-2015-2 dccx-d2-2015-3 dccx-d2-2015-4 dccx-d2-2015-5 dccx-d2-2015-6 dccx-d2-2015-7 dccx-d2-2015-8 dccx-d2-2015-9 dccx-d2-2015-10 dccx-d2-2015-11 dccx-d2-2015-12 dccx-d2-2015-13 dccx-d2-2015-14 dccx-d2-2015-15 dccx-d2-2015-16 dccx-d2-2015-17 dccx-d2-2015-18 dccx-d2-2015-19 dccx-d2-2015-20 dccx-d2-2015-21 dccx-d2-2015-22 dccx-d2-2015-23 dccx-d2-2015-24 dccx-d2-2015-25 dccx-d2-2015-26 dccx-d2-2015-27 dccx-d2-2015-28 dccx-d2-2015-29 dccx-d2-2015-30 dccx-d2-2015-31 dccx-d2-2015-32 dccx-d2-2015-33


Whenever she got her hands on my camera (yes, the DSLR) or iPhone rig, she was shooting like a baws. So impressed with her shots and what she’s seeing. I think she’s influenced by someone tho.

dccx-d2-2015-34 dccx-d2-2015-35 dccx-d2-2015-36 dccx-d2-2015-37

UCI Elite Women (Shot By Boring Ol’ Boredom)

Day 2 turned out similarly to day 1—I managed to shoot most of their race from the steps area yet again. No idea why, either. Also similarly to Day 1, Cassandra Maximenko (Van Dessel/ISM/PowerBar/Challenge Tires) and Jena Greaser (Jam Fund) threw down again for the CX BAWS title. Cathyrn Cumming (Cyclocross Magazine) upgraded her D1 4th place for the final step on the podium.


UCI Elite Men

Again, apparently, there was a bike race out there. No, it wasn’t the dusty particulates of the day before making it difficult to focus, it was the air show being put on by Jack Kisseberth (JamFund/NCC/Vittoria) and Merwin Davis (Pathfinder of WV). As voor de race, the same top 5 as the day before rode around together until they weren’t and Cam Dodge (UNATTACHED) rode his bike across the line before Ben Berden (Wcup/Stoemper/TRP) and Justine Lindine (Apex / NBX / Trek) did.

BTW, is it just me, or does Maximenko and Dodge sound like an ice dancing pair?



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