Convert Your Bike Into a Bakfiets With the Lift Cargo Bike

The LIFT Turns YOUR Bike Into a Cargo Bike. And Back Again… Now Your Bicycle Can Do So Much More.

This. Is. Awesome. If I had the room and the ability to get this into the Boredom offices, I’d have to get one. This solves so many issues inherent to owning a traditional bakfiets. Don’t get me wrong though, if I had a garage I would’ve definitely already added a dutch cargo bike into my fleet (fietsfleet?).

For those of you who already have a bike and would like to make it more versatile, Lift is your answer.

What is The LIFT?

The LIFT turns your bike into a front loading cargo bike.

Your bike can be connected to The LIFT when you need to carry cargo. And The LIFT comes off quickly when you don’t.

How will I use it?

Think grocery store runs, taking kids to school, going to the park with your dog and shopping at the farmer’s market.  Anytime you want to have a cargo bike, simply connect The LIFT to your bike and go.

How much will it cost?

We are excited to offer The LIFT for$899.

This will include everything but the bike to attach it to.


The Lift Cargo Bike is live on Kickstarter and is rocking. Check it out if you’re interested or need more information.


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