Cyclists v Redneck Justice

Cycleboredom - Hatfields pose for picture

I’ve been sitting on this article from the Asheville Citizen-Times and it’s comments for about a week now since it was Tweeted. Unfortunately I can’t remember who posted it first, so I apologize. The reason I’ve been hesitant and unable to write about it, is the unadulterated anger that it provokes from me.

I’ll say this first. Regardless of what road the family was riding on – it could’ve been the center median of I-95 for all I care – it does NOT, I repeat NOT justify the thought process of pulling out a gun and shooting at someone to get your point across. I cannot believe that this man honestly thought this was an acceptable idea. Here’s my take on his inner dialogue during the encounter. Granted I’ve written this in complete sentences. It’s also narrated with a coherence not commonly associated with those suffering from misfiring brain synapses induced by deep, repetitive inbreeding.

“Damn! This guy really doesn’t think that riding on this road with his child is unsafe. I’m going to shoot him not only to prove my point, but to show I have concern for their well-being. That will make it all better and they will be safe now.”

But wait, it gets better. If you truly want to ruin yourself and the last shred of hope you have for human compassion, read the comments. Not only are the the typical anti-cyclist fare, but the actually support the act. A horrifically numerous amount of these hill dwellers believe that shooting the father in front of his son and his wife would be for THE GOOD OF THE CHILD! WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

I can’t believe this genetic disaster actually knows what a computer is, much less stop smoking meth long enough to add their comment. I can’t even bring myself to copy the text so I screenshot it. It disgusts me that much.

Absolute Insanity

Oh, my bad. It was JUST a warning shot. And obviously since he’s a firefighter “we all know he only had the best intentions in mind.” The second paragraph proves that the Hatfields are smoking some DAMN good meth.

I’ve had my run-ins with motorists that were completely unprovoked. I’ve been hit by quarters and liquids, chased, and cut off simply because I was on a bike. As angry as I get during those situations you always have to tell yourself, “What if they have a gun/knife/musket/one-eyed freak child?” I’m wearing bike shoes, spandex, and I’m ultimately defenseless.

(NOTE: The rest of this post has been redacted by my own doing. It goes a direction that makes me no better than those described above. I’m taking the hippy, peace, love, kind smoking stance and cutting myself off. I’m sure you know what I meant anyway.)

(ANOTHER NOTE: I’m well aware that the Hatfield/McCoy feud happened in the back countries of West Virginia and Kentucky. I referenced it as a derogatory stereotypical generalization of the unbelievable backwoods mentality shown by the shooter and the ensuing commenters.)


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