‘Dat Wooden Campagnolo Derailleur

It’s one of those things said in the shop, while you’re in the midst of working with a customer and you don’t quite comprehend what was just said. My friend/co-worker Max Hoffman (IG: @maxhoffman) is the dude who crafted that fully functional Campagnolo Record derailleur from organic material you saw in Bike Rumor. I didn’t fully catch the significance of what he told me until I saw the post. Needless to say I was dumbfounded and actually quite proud, probably because I’m old enough to be his dad.

Regardless, it’s a fuggin’ work of art. Rumor has it $$$ is being thrown at him from all directions for the honor of ownership. Will be interesting to where this leads. Check out the full post on Bike Rumor. And believe it or not, the comments are merciful.

'Dat Wooden Campagnolo Derailleur

Image: Bike Rumor


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