Essential Fiets: Cannondale SuperX + CAADX

Starting off a nieuwe category here on Boredom Centraal. Instead of all that is implied with the Bike of the Week tag, I figured calling attention bikes I felt worth your consideration would be easier. And less prone to weekly non-post failure. So, Essential Fiets.

Note: yes, I’m very much aware fiets is singular—fietzen doesn’t work for my play on words.

The Cannondale SuperX + CAADX

I’m starting off with Cannondale’s CX bikes because #crossiscoming, I own one, and they’re completely redesigned for 2017. As much as I want to say they desperately needed a refresh, I have to say my SuperX handles just fine. But yeah, they needed a refresh.

Brief propaganda interlude…

Cannondale SuperX

The carbon model voor veldrijden is the SuperX. It received a change in geometry up front (Outfront Steering Geometry—read: Genesis Geometry), and in the rear (Asymmetric Integration—Ai offset). The Outfront Steering is supposed to stabilize your lines through the tech while the Ai rear is designed to hook up more efficiently giving you that all important traction. Downside: Ai offsets the rear by 6mm. Fine if you’re using the stock wheels, but a bag of suck for all existing wheels you may already have. You can have them redished, but, yeahhh…

They added a women’s model this year, which is nice (love the fork design), but I wish they had a model (read: CAADX) available *below* $3,600USD.

Cannondale CAADX

Cannondale released the CAAD12 frame this past season so it was inevitable that would see its way onto a CAADX. The aluminum model voor veldrijden uses the same Outfront Steering Geometry as the SuperX. It doesn’t, however, share the same Ai offset. The CAADX also doesn’t (obviously) share the same price tag as the carbon models. I love the utilitarian aspect of the CAADX—one that Cannondale has always recognized. It essentially was the original gravel/ride everything bike that was home between the tape, or on the streets riding to work.

My biggest complaint about the CAADX isn’t a problem with the bikes, it’s with the industry. The frames are race worthy as well as the components. But the wheels are absolute garbage. The industry always down specs the wheels to get the bikes into a palatable price point. On the CAAD12s, this isn’t so much of an issue. On a disc brake bike, though, they’re boat anchors. They’ll obviously do the job, but for a sport where you routinely pick up your bike, I find it ridiculous (rant over).

Check out Cyclocross Mag’s full review on the new SuperX from Cannondale. They go deep.


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