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Flemish Shirts of Boredom

Maximale Vlaamse

Almost as Belgian as standing screaming at riders whilst holding a sack of frites and a bottle of Jupiler on the Muur-Kapelmuur , the new Cycleboredom T-Shirts of Flanders are ready to consume. For this launch, I’ve created 3 flavors. [Note: If you purchase any of my shirts, let me know! Spreadshirt doesn’t let me see who bought them. So snap a shot of yourself and tweet me if you’re up to it!]

Belgian Flag of Boredom

Sometimes when I look at the outline of Belgium, it looks like an inverted West Virginia. Sorry Belgium. But that’s not what this shirt is about. This shirt recalls tourism promotion posters and postcards of yore. You know the ones that said, “Visit…” overtop an image of the country/state/hamlet. But instead of “Visit”, I used… Eh, you get the point. Remember, in Flemish Belgium, you don’t ride the kesseien, the kesseien ride you!

Cycleboredom | Belgian Flag of Boredom Shirt

Like it? Make it yours: US Store / UK Store

Belgian E-Flag

If you look carefully, you’ll notice I’ve replaced the traditional letter “E” with that of the Belgian tri-color. Let’s see what happens…

Cycleboredom | Belgian E-Flag Shirt

Like it? Make it yours: US Store / UK Store

Original logo Belgian Boredom remix

Obligatory as a DIRK HOFMAN MOTORHOMES sign sighting in a Belgian cross race, I’ve provided a Flemish tasting version of the now world-famous Cycleboredom logo.

Cycleboredom | Belgian Boredom Remix Shirt

The Belgian national champs jersey is definitely my favorite of all the countries. Hardest colors in the peloton. They only run from the competition when they’re on a solo break into Meerbeke. Italy is a close second, but too many legends have donned the black, yellow, and red for it not to take the top step.

Like it? Make it yours: US Store / UK Store

Shirt Bodega details

I use the service Spreadshirt (Euro) to print and distribute my shirt designs. This isn’t my favorite solution to getting my designs out there, but it’s the best at the moment. “I’m able to design, upload, and begin selling within hours of  the shirt’s impetus for creation.”I don’t have the room or resources (mainly money) to print these myself. Also, I don’t want to be limited to only a few designs. I like being able to react quickly to the craziness of cycling. With Spreadshirt I’m able to design, upload, and begin selling within hours of  the shirt’s impetus for creation. Additionally, I make almost zero money from selling these shirts. Since I don’t want to sacrifice on the quality of the shirt, there’s no room for a substantial commission if I want to keep the prices down.

Why two different stores?, amazingly enough, only ships within the States. So in order to make the shirts available to the UK and Europe, I needed to create another store on their sister (brother?) site I’m looking into alternatives to streamline this process since this is needlessly confusing.


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