Released: Rapha City Collection 2016

It’s no secret I heart the urban cycling wear. I pretty much wear some sort of garment that’s been specifically designed for the demands of on-bike usage. When I’m getting ready to go out there are a few pieces I reach for repeatedly and Rapha was the brand attached to more than a few of those.

For a full look at everything released, check out the Rapha City Collection.

Rapha City Collection: Jeans and Trousers

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with their jeans. I love the style and the quality—but the fit just didn’t fit me until I lost weight this past CX season. They were too slim in the thigh and too relaxed from the knee down. I prefer mine the exact opposite. I’ve put more time in them since the weight loss, but have to do a sort of loose 80s “tight roll” so I can make the taper I like. It will be interesting to see how these redesigned jeans and trousers fit in comparison.

Released: Rapha City Collection 2016

Rapha City Collection: Women’s Collection

They’ve broadened their women’s line as well. Appreciate how some of the pieces work well together.

Released: Rapha City Collection 2016

Released: Rapha City Collection 2016


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