Released: Welcome Filter as Cycleboredom’s First Sponsor!

Welcome Filter as Cycleboredom's First Sponsor!

I’ve been putting this off for an extraordinarily long amount of time. Equal parts procrastination and an immensely strong desire to solidify the site’s foundation, I feel the time has come to FINALLY take this thing I started way back in 2006 to the next level. Will things change? Probably not. Posts will continue to be late. Products will continue to be shot on that 10 year old table on my balcony. I will continue to CAPSLOCK TWEET, “LAATSTE RONDE!!” during every CX race and at every Flamme Rouge. And I will most definitely continue to take an inordinate amount of on-bike selfies voor #whatimriding.

So why sponsors and, yes, ads? Like everyone else stupid enough to get themselves involved in #bloglife, there has to be some sort of justification for me to continue pouring the insane amount of time I spend into doing all this. Plus, ‘dat G6 fuel be hella expensive.

Enough Boredom—Welcome Filter!

Released: Welcome Filter as Cycleboredom's First Sponsor!

If it wasn’t something directly cycling industry related, my first sponsor had to be coffee related—it was a given. So who’s Filter? In their own words:

“Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar opened in March of 2010 with the intent of sharing truly amazing coffee with Washington, DC. From hand-poured cups of carefully chosen single origin coffees, french pressed offerings in the morning hours, to classic espresso-based drinks, all of Filter’s products are chosen and prepared with an uncompromising commitment to quality and service. We are proud to join the small wave of coffeehouses in the DC area who are on the path of bringing the attention back to the main ingredient… Coffee.”

Filter’s cycling connection runs deep as well. They’re the title sponsor for local team District Velocity Racing (DVR). Filter’s owner, Rasheed, races on the DVR team. They actively support cycling as a viable form of transportation including working with local bike org WABA.

Welcome Filter as Cycleboredom's First Sponsor!

Filter’s involvement here will be more than just looking hot on the sidebar, so look for radness in the near future. But for now, click the link to show your love of coffee and cycling. Or, better yet, ride your bike to either of Filter’s locations in Dupont Circle or Foggy Bottom and let ’em know you saw them here on Cycleboredom. And obviously order an espresso pulled from delicious Ceremony Coffee Roasters.


Twitter: @FilterDC
Facebook: Filter Facebook
Instagram: @filterdc

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