The CXOff: Product Spotlight on The Service Course Original Wash Kit

When one gets dirty, one must get clean.

In de wereld of cyclocross, one gets dirty every race. There are varying degrees of dirty, but the Wash Kit can handle them all.

The Service Course Original Wash Kit ($55USD) includes a heavy-duty 5 gallon bucket with an airtight screw-on lid. Inside are 3 tampico-bristled, wood-handled, cleaning brushes specifically designed to get the dirty in just the right places. There’s a Frame & Wheel Brush for large broad areas, the Conical Brush for getting in the tight areas, and a Solvent Brush for your drivetrain. When your fiets is clean but still wet, the Microfiber Towel will finish the job.

This kit is perfect beyond the CX season, especially if you like to grind the gravel. Nothing destroys your drivetrain faster than leaving gravel dust to sandpaper your chain and cassette into oblivion.

Visit The Service Course voor more details.


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