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UnTapped: Pure Maple Energy

Been thinking about this for awhile now (maple syrup during rides), but never pulled the trigger. This, obviously, has been spawned by Ted King’s incessant propaganda. There’s only so much a human can take before they succumb to the relentless bombardment detailing maple syrup’s inherent awesomeness.

UnTapped has taken this campaign to the next level, packaging the wonder juice of the north in convenient gel-style packs. Wait, UnTapped?!

“UnTapped is pure organic Vermont maple syrup in portable packaging. Maple syrup naturally delivers the energy kick and athletic nutrients sought by runners, cyclists, skiers, and anyone else playing in the outdoors.

For too long athletic nutrition has been sweetened with cheap synthetic sugars. The simplicity of endurance sports deserves a simple ingredient — 100% pure, unadulterated, organic Vermont maple syrup, the all-natural, low glycemic-index sports fuel.”

If you’re wondering, yes, this has something to do with Ted King.

UnTapped’s Indiegogo Crowdfund

Ted and Slopeside Syrup need monetary assistance to get this whole thing started. Check out the page for more information on why crowdfunding is needed.


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