2015 Super 8 CX Series: #5 – Tacchino Cyclocross

Tacchino Cyclocross

Spectacularly beautiful conditions at Rosaryville State Park set the table voor Tacchino Cyclocross, the #5 race in the @BikeReg Super 8 CX Series. The morning was still damp and greasy (as it has been every Sunday AM) for the 4/5 Beginner race which made for hilarity and, obviously, fun. Most of the rest of the day everyone said it was perfectly tacky.

For those still interested, everything was shot with the 50mm yet again. Might leave the zoom at home next time. Also captured tons of race footage and audio—hope to have more posted ASAP. Wait, “footage” is an outdated term now, correct?

Fact: I love the likes (and hearts), but RTs and Shares helps Boredom the most! Thanks for reading.

The @BikeReg Super 8 CX Series: #5 Tacchino Cyclocross Photo Extravaganza

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