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Essential ‘Grams: @kevinscottbatchelor

Essential ‘Grams With @kevinscottbatchelor

I may be a hermit by trade, but even I’m not immune to creating friendships both digitally and in real-life. As @jbraynard said in the previous Essential ‘Grams, “I’ve met so many great people through Instagram…”. @kevinscottbatchelor would be one of those great people I met through Instagram. Or, was it Twitter? 🤔 Regardless, he’s an okay dude.

Hailing from the land of groad, (Boulder, Colorado) Kevin mixes remarkably beautiful mountain rides (w/ @hbstache, natch) with painfully adorable shots of @holliday_the_frenchie (yes, the dog has an Insta), and tantalizingly raw images of espresso porn crafted using his Rocket espresso machine. Obviously, there’s more to his feed than that, but those are some repeating elements which are always 💯.

Essential 'Grams: @kevinscottbatchelor


KSB didn’t select the image below of Gabby Durrin at CrossVegas as one of his profile shots, but it’s one that’s stuck with me since I first saw it. Pretty sure this one was shot with a Sony a7RII (I think) on a 1.4 Zeiss Batis lens (I think). It’s so good.



@kevinscottbatchelor Profile

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in a tiny town in NJ, most known for its State Forest, which is to say it’s not really known at all. I’ve been riding in one form or another for as long as I can remember. Most of my rides now are on a road or CX bike on mixed terrain. I don’t race bikes but I do a fair bit of training, mostly to keep my from tailspinning into full fat kid mode. I’ve been shooting as a hobbyist for close to 15 years and professionally for 4 years.

How or why do you use Instagram?

Instagram is the main social media platform I use, so it really is a blend of my hobbies, personal life, and my profession. I probably share too much of my personal life (dog photos, coffee, my stupid trainer rides) for it to be seen as a purely professional approach to ‘gramming but I don’t really enjoy trying to curate myself into a perfect pro account.



What do you shoot with?

Primarily, I shoot with a blend of different mirrorless cameras. Most of my riding shots are taken with a Sony RX1, as it lives in my handlebar bag. For work, I shoot a blend of Leica cameras. I only shoot with my phone if I don’t have a “real” camera with me, but that’s least common.

If you want the super camera dork details, I shoot the Leica SL, Monochrom, and Q with a blend of M lenses.



What’s your post-processing routine?

I process everything in Lightroom, either on my computer or the mobile app. If I am using the computer version, my black and white processing happens mostly in Silver Efex.



What’s your selection process for posting an image?

I just post whatever seems compelling to me at a given moment. Instagram can definitely trap you and make you want to overthink everything but I enjoy the platform most when I am just sharing what I like. I tend to shoot a lot of black and white so the balance definitely skews toward that. I’ve been sharing a lot more color images since I changed camera systems.


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Coffee first. Bikes second.

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There are too many to think of but these five always inspire.




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